About Us

My name is Eric Jhonson and I am a full-time blogger this site is created with the aim to give you the best place to generate a unique name as per your need.

This site built up with user orientation and user experienced because our focus is only on visitors to serve them better.


  • How we start namegeneratorz.com

Actually it is a very interesting story once upon a time I was searching for a name that should be something new and different for my player in PUBG.

So, I did google for it and found a penalty of a website that was showing a huge number of the name but I was like its not the one I am looking for because the name should be unique that everyone can remember.

So, I found a name but not much similar to the one I want.

So one thought comes in mind that if I start a website where I can give you something new and at the same time  I started this website to prevent you from loss in the unlimited website.


  • How many name type we provided here

This is one of the valid and common questions that all users have in their minds before they land on any website. because everyone wants the worth of their time and we value it.

So, Here we cover names like basic name generators, Real name generators, Place name generators, other name generators which allow you to get some basic and easily pronounceable name.