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What’s the prettiest Korean name?

Korean names are often considered beautiful and elegant. Here are six examples of pretty Korean names:
Min-Ji: This name means “gentle and beautiful.”
Hae-Won: It signifies “graceful and serene.”
Ji-Yoon: It translates to “wisdom and charm.”
Yoo-Jin: This name means “gentle and precious.”
So-Young: It represents “pure and everlasting beauty.”
Seo-Jun: This name signifies “handsome and talented.”

Several Korean names are commonly considered pretty due to their meanings and sounds.

One example is “Haeun,” which means “graceful and elegant.” Another beautiful name is “Seojin,” which signifies “felicitous omen” or “good fortune.”

Names like “Yuna,” meaning “gentle and soft,” and “Soomin,” representing “beautiful and delicate,” are also cherished for their elegant qualities.

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